Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.
[Christian D. Larson]
I can help you present with power and network with confidence so that you can share your message and reach your full potential without being overcome by nerves.
Speaking without Freaking
Hate being the centre of attention and feel like you're being judged?
StraightTalk Mentoring
Communication. Presentations. Networking. Empowering Communication Excellence
Reception Resilience
A Workshop for Frontline Professionals Handling Difficult Customers
Hi! My name is Ruth Guice
I am a Presentation Skills and Networking Skills Coach and Kicker of Asses
I have one single goal - to make you stand out from the crowd when it matters. You see, I spent a couple of decades in radio, both behind the mic and behind the scenes - only to realise when I left to work for myself, that I was terrified of speaking to people in person! Yes, I know, I'm an odd duck - but aren't we all in some way or another. Realising that my ability to communicate with people, both networking and presenting, was going to be crucial to my business success - I set about fixing it. I wanted to take my communication skills from 'half-ass' to 'kick-ass'...and I did! Now, I want to do the same for others - only in a lot less time than it took me. No more hiding behind your social media or the nearest pot plant - you have one life, one chance, to make a difference in your relationships, your career and your community. It's time to stop blending in..and be heard!
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