Welcome to the Mouthin' Off Academy of Communication and Kick-Assery

Presentation Coach | Speaker | Kicker of Asses

Hey there, I'm Ruth.

Speaker, Coach and Kicker of Asses - with one single goal - to make you stand out from the crowd when it mattters.

No more hiding behind your social media or the nearest pot plant - you have one life, one chance, to make a difference in your relationships, your career and your community.   It's time to stop blending in..and be heard!

It's way past time to take your communication skills from 'half-ass' to 'kick-ass'...and forgive my boldness, but I believe I am the one who can get you there.

So if you're ready, my current workshops include:

...or you can work with me 1 on 1, I would love that!   Why don't we grab a coffee first and see if I'm your cup of tea.