Achieve networking mastery – without having to suffer through small talk, getting stuck with one person or pimping yourself out to get a quick sale.

  • Networking - what it is and isn't
  • Mindset Makeover
  • Crafting your introduction
  • The 7 Networking Personalities
  • How to "Read the Room"
  • Meet & Greet Cheat Sheet
  • Networking with fellow course participants

Work the room like a networking ninja and still respect yourself in the morning!

$85 per person

Course materials provided

Plus 16 page FREE reference booklet: 

Upskill your Networking - an incomplete guide to connecting with confidence

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When it comes to networking, dogs do it best - one sniff of the butt and they know all they need to know.   We humans on the other hand, have a tendency to make meeting others quite a big deal (or rather an ORDEAL). 

We'll keep it relaxed and light-hearted, we'll bust some common networking myths, prepare you to crash through the tightest clique and leave a lasting impression.   All while connecting and networking with other participants.

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not, have never, and will never advocate for sniffing someone's butt.  Not cool.

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