Achieve networking mastery – without having to suffer through small talk, getting stuck with one person or pimping yourself out to get a quick sale.

In less time, and for less cost, than it takes to attend a networking event (and with zero make up 💄), you can master the human maze that is networking, so that you can create authentic, win-win connections that land you on your ideal client's speed dial.

We will DECODE:  

The Networking Mindset

 Flicking the mental switch when you arrive for maximum impact (and fun)

The 7 Networking Personalities

 So that you can recognise other's mindsets and work with them accordingly

Rocking the Room

 Riding the natural movement of the room to make the most of your time


Meet & Greet Cheat Sheet

Membership of Networking Nailed Inner Sanctum

to grow your network even further

Story of Glory Tutorial

To craft your introduction so that it's meaningful, memorable and invites conversation


COST TO YOU:  $67 (incl. GST)  

Work the room like a networking ninja and still respect yourself in the morning!

Tonia K, Buyers Agent Boutique

Networking was a dirty word in my mind, until I met Ruth.  She shows you how to take the sleaze and desperation out of networking so you can enjoy yourself AND make valuable human connections i.e. get more clients!  Plus, she's a crack up!

Vanessa S, Digiteach NZ

I started my own business and was just missing that wow factor.  Ruth has worked with me to gain confidence to feel at home when networking with others.  Business events used to give me anxiety and now I even look forward to them.  Thank you Ruth for giving me the confidence and know-how to promote my business with others face to face.

Shelly B, The Mindful Misfit

I've spent a really long time avoiding anything with the word 'networking' in it...and then Ruth came along.  She's given me so many great tips to help me get over my resistance and get comfortable talking to people.  Ruth has a knack for making things simple and actionable, but the best bit is she makes networking FUN.  Highly recommended. 😀

Even if you already feel comfortable

While you might not feel uncomfortable in a networking situation, this course will show you WHY others can find it so awkward and HOW to help them conquer their nerves - making you their HERO!

Even if you don't NEED to network

Just because you're comfy in your current position, doesn't mean that will always be the case (has the GFC and pandemic taught us nothing?) - the time to build a network is BEFORE you need it, and the next best time is NOW.

Even if you HATE People!

I guarantee that if you employ these strategies, they will help reduce the stress of walking into a room full of strangers and you'll be so entertained by studying the behaviours that emerge when humans gather, that your old friend anxiety will retreat to it's happy place (or flounce off to it's dressing room).

When it comes to networking, dogs do it best - one sniff of the butt and they know all they need to know.   We humans on the other hand, have a tendency to make meeting others quite a big deal (or rather an ORDEAL). 

We'll keep it relaxed and light-hearted, we'll bust some common networking myths, prepare you to crash through the tightest clique and leave a lasting impression.   

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not, have never, and will never advocate for sniffing someone's butt.  Not cool.

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