You cannot bore someone into buying your product.

~David Ogilvy~

Vanilla may be great ice cream flavour - 

but it sucks as a marketing strategy.

When you live your business day in, day out - it can be hard to be objective,

to think outside the familiar and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

This session is designed to spend some time looking from the outside in, the upside down and hell, west and crooked - to explore: 

Product names .. 

Social Media Content ..

Unique Merch Ideas ..

Random "where the heck did that come from" stuff ..

So let's throw some spaghetti, bulldoze some boundaries, 

see if we can float some boats and blow some hair back.

I'm game if you are.

All sessions via Zoom

(unless you wanna shout me lunch somewhere nice!)

$165 (incl. gst) per hour

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