Share your ideas, stories and opinions

without going completely blank,

talking to your notes or boring your audience senseless.


- Discover the real reasons we are nervous 

- Unlock your individual code to overcome your fears

- Uncover what's already working for you

- Practice hacks that will lift your presentation to a new level FAST

- Respond with confidence in meetings and interviews

Strong Public Speaking skills

are crucial for career and business success

Next Course:    Tuesday, October 26 2021

$125 per person

Course materials and morning tea provided

BONUS Video analysis of your presentation (optional)

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I have been where you are.   I have missed opportunities (more than I care to count) because I couldn't speak up in meetings or present my ideas with clarity and confidence...I couldn't advocate for what I was passionate about without emotions getting the better of me.

Your ideas matter, your stories matter, your voice matters.  This easy-to-follow workshop will get you started on the road to finding your voice, connecting and inspiring your audience (whether that be an audience of 2 or 2000). 

Ruth Guice is a presentation skills coach, speaker, MC and writer who is passionate about the spoken word and it's power to change lives.

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