communication coaching for your wedding and beyond

Congratulations!  Your life is taking a turn in an exciting new direction. “You” is about to become TWO.  “Me” is about to become WE.  Mumma’s little man is all grown up!

The wedding plans are well underway, all you need to do is 1) Show Up and 2) give a killer wedding speech…or rather get some speech coaching and then give a killer wedding speech.

yeah, ABOUT THAT speech

What if the Speech YOU give on your wedding day is the measure of your manhood?  (It isn’t…but it will definitely feel that way.)

Yep, your triumph or your shame is gonna be rolled out repeatedly throughout your married life on anniversaries and special occasions; shared with your kids so they can see the man that Daddy was.   No pressure right?

this moment matters

.There are just some moments in life that matter more than others – this is one of them.  This is your chance to create a memorable moment in your relationship and in your life.   This is your opportunity to:

  • Remind your bride why she loves you (and remind her she made great choice)
  • Make your parents proud, they have raised an awesome human.
  • Assure your in-laws that you are the right person to love and honour their baby.
  • Set the standard for your mates (OK, It’s not a competition…but also, it totally is)


You know that Aunty who drinks a little too much and laughs a little too loudly at family gatherings?  (and sometimes uses inappropriate language.) The one who says what she thinks, even if it’s uncomfortable, but also loves you to absolute bits?

I’m Aunty Ruth.  I will be your cheerleader, your therapist, the person who has your back and the one who’s going to kick your butt when you need it. 

You can also check in with me on my YouTube ChannelKickassCommunication – YouTube 

Why do i need a coach?

Man, Tiger Woods did not wait until he stood on the tee at Augusta to swing his first club.   Conor McGregor did not wait for his first UFC Championship bout to throw his first punch!

A coach, well actually not just any coach…ME! I will help you get those nerves and emotions under control.   I’m there to help you ensure it is delivered with confidence, with genuine emotion and caring.   To ensure  impeccable timing, a commanding presence, to anchor the moment in the memories of all who are there.  


I don’t know how much you’ve shelled out on dance lessons… (whatever it is, it’s worth it by the way).

But waaaay beyond the wedding night, your ability to be able to deliver confident presentations at work, to be the one who steps up at milestone events to honour your family members…that’s not just GOLD, that’s priceless.


* All sessions conducted via Zoom or Messenger

Session 1:  Nailing your Speech Content – 1 hour

Session 2: How to Kill Nerves and Kick Ass  – 1 hour

Session 3: Speech rehearsal (30 minutes)

Session 4: Speech rehearsal (30 minutes)


BONUS – 1 hour session – Better Conversations with your Bride  (valued at $270) 


Frequently asked questions

WhAT if i'm not a groom?

No worries!  Whether you’re already hitched, happily single, the best man or the bride – you were meant to find me.   We can work on whatever presentation you have coming up and on whatever area of your communication skills could use a boost (from your comedic timing to channeling your inner world leader).  


I can absolutely assure you that there is no ‘wedding tax’ on my rates.  In fact, the Navigating your Next Chapter package is a discount on my normal full rate.  

Why can't i just use ChatGPT?

By all means, you can outsource your speech or presentation to ChatGPT.  The secret to a great speech however, is not just WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.  Is it delivered with confidence, with genuine emotion and caring?  Do you have impeccable timing or a commanding presence?  … Also, how do you think your loved ones might feel knowing that you had AI write your speech?

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