A Letter from Your Audience

Dear Speaker,

Before we give you our time and attention, there’s a few things that we’d like you to bear in mind.

  1. There are plenty of other things that we could be doing.  Instead, we are here, listening to you, in the hope that what you have to tell us will be of benefit.  Please remember, our to-do lists are long, our attention spans are short.   If you value our attention, we will value your message.
  2. Your nerves are invisible to us.  If you are nervous, you are the only one focussed on it or feeling it.   The rest of us are just ready to hear what it is you have to offer (so no need to offer apologies).
  3. We don’t read powerpoints (neither should you).  It’s right there in the name – Power points not paragraphs. We do love images though and can handle one or two visual points that you then expand upon. 
  4. If you are not prepared to present, we are not prepared to listen.  If it’s your intention to read from your notes, you could have just emailed them to us.  The purpose of us meeting face to face is to build connection and understanding.

The reality is, we want you to succeed.   You have the opportunity to take us on a journey that allows us to imagine a better way, to not just inform us, but connect us, inspire us and challenge us.   And maybe, just maybe – because we see so few who truly offer that kind of connection – you will have enhanced your reputation.  

By showing us respect, you will have earned ours.

Sincerely yours,

The Audience


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